Biography Highlights:

I’m a psychologist by training – and an author, executive educator and professional speaker by choice. After obtaining my Ph.D. in Social Psychology, I spent more than a decade working with several research and consulting organizations, partnering with Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations on issues such as leadership development, performance management, employee engagement, and the attraction and retention of high-potential employees.

Much of my work with clients now focuses on the development of a “Growth Mindset.” My engagements build upon the original research done by fellow research psychologist Carol Dweck, but they also go well beyond the original Mindset concepts to maximize applicability and impact in real-world organizations. A key focus of my work is helping leaders understand how to create organizational cultures that foster Growth Mindset at both the organizational and individual level.

My work with clients has taken me to virtually every corner of the world, and in the course of delivering more than 1,000 speaking engagements over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with organizations in 17 countries (and counting) on six continents. I’m still trying to figure out how to arrange a delivery in Antarctica to make it a clean sweep of all seven. A partial list of current and past clients can be found on my Clients page.

My (Unconventional) Approach:

It’s my belief that learning and discovery should be great, lifelong adventures – and that the deepest transformations occur when we fully engage both intellect and emotion. When we combine hard data and experience with the passion required to transform that knowledge into action. When we not only know what to do – but when we are also truly inspired to do it.

I have come to believe that as adults, many of us have lost the joy that is inherent in learning and discovery – or we’ve had it beaten out of us by educational systems and traditional corporate training. Rather than delighting in experimentation and exploration, our goal is just to “gut it out” as best we can and return to our regular jobs as quickly as we can. By contrast, my approach to sessions – whether I’m working with a group of five or a group of five thousand – is that learning should be both challenging and fun. That illumination and inspiration should go hand-in-hand.

As a result, I occupy an interesting niche in the speaking and executive education world. If you’re used to credible-but-boring “experts” who hide behind a podium and put folks to sleep…I’m not the speaker for you. If you’re looking for gimmicky “motivational speakers” who are all flash and no substance…I’m also not the speaker for you. If, however, you’re looking for someone with the ability to truly educate and inspire in equal measure…then we should talk! I’d love to learn what you’re up to and see how I could help, so please reach out to me using the information over here on my Contact page.

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