• Thoroughly Ordinary (or Not)

    I'm sitting in a hotel in Gurgaon, India (just outside of New Delhi) as I type this blog. Although I've been to India before, this is my first visit to the northern part of the country, so yesterday I thought I'd put my one non-teaching day to good use by undertaking a day-trip down to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. As expected, the Taj Mahal was even more beautiful in person than it is in photos, and I had one of those "OMG! That's the actual freakin' Taj Mahal!" moments the instant it first came into view, silhouetted by the gracefully arched doorway of the main gate.

  • Missed Insight Opportunity

    I've been thinking a lot about a huge insight "miss" I witnessed recently. I was teaching a session at a company's US headquarters, and the sponsor had arranged for the CEO to do a Q&A session with the group of executives we had in class. In the course of that session, the CEO told a story about an encounter he'd had just that morning. Apparently, as he was walking up the steps into the building, he opened the door for an employee and said, "Good morning!" in a cheerful voice. The woman – who clearly did not recognize him as the CEO – replied in a cranky and sarcastic voice, "Just another day in paradise." The CEO was so stunned that he was speechless and just stood there inside the building, watching her walk away.

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