There’s a saying that “the task expands to fit the time available” – and I take this very much to heart when thinking about sessions that I deliver with clients around the world. Whatever time you have – or need – to create an incredible experience for yourself, your group or your organization…we can find a way to do something amazing!

To give you a sense of what my insight-generation work with clients can look like, I’ve listed a few of the most popular session formats below. Don’t see the format that you had in mind? No worries! Just let me know what you need and we’ll partner together to create just the right experience.

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Keynote Sessions

Keynote Session

Keynote sessions are up to 2 hours in length (total time), and are designed to provide participants with a robust understanding of the topic, be it Mindset or Insight Generation. Time for Q&A is somewhat limited, and the focus is on delivering key concepts and providing an introduction to the most critical ideas in the selected topic area.

Half-day Session

Half-Day Session

Half-day sessions are up to 4 hours in length (total time), and are designed to provide participants with both a robust understanding of the target topic (Mindset or Insight Generation) and time to engage in a variety of interactive exercises that extend and solidify the learning. Depending on the size and nature of the audience, the interactive portions might involve individual reflection, small group work, and/or report-outs to the full group. There is significant time for Q&A throughout the session, and the overall format is typically a combination of presentation and facilitated discussion.

Full-day Session

Full-Day Session

Full-day sessions are up to 8 hours in length (total time), and are designed to provide a very deep dive into the target concept (Mindset or Insight Generation), often in combination with a mini consulting session. Typically, the day is split into a morning session and an afternoon session. The morning session often follows the format of the half-day session, as described above. The afternoon session then focuses on the applying the target concepts specifically to the unique challenges of the organization. Afternoon sessions can include an analysis of the results of an organizational cultural survey conducted in advance of the session (Mindset), or an intensive exercise designed to drive towards solutions to key organizational challenges (Insight Generation).