During the roundtable discussion, Eve won over some of the most senior executives in North America. I have scheduled two sessions with her in the near future because of the impact she had that day and the impact our CEO feels she will have in the future. I could not have asked for a better result.
Eve, thank you for all you did to help us. WOW, you were wondrous! As evidenced by the conversation afterwards, your insights spurred much reflection. It validated some instincts and busted through some of our own myths. THANK YOU, thank you. You are very compelling in your presentation and are able to share a great deal of information in a relevant and concise manner. It is a talent.
Eve did an outstanding job. She was engaging, humorous and extremely knowledgeable and insightful regarding the topic. It was a home run!
I just wanted to follow up and thank you again. You did an excellent job and really hit the spot with your presentation. I have received extremely positive feedback on your session. In fact, we did a post-meeting survey and your segment had the most positive comments and ratings. The only bad thing (actually good for you) was that you set such a high standard that a segment later in the day looked very bad compared to you.
--Rohm & Haas (now part of The Dow Chemical Company)
Dr. Grodnitzky was fabulous! She provided a compelling and thought-provoking presentation. She also made the material, which could have been rather ‘dry,’ interesting and understandable. I have had extremely positive feedback from various agencies/universities as well as inquiries from others that did not attend but heard about the presentation. It was perfect! Thank you so very much.
--North Carolina Office of State Personnel
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we appreciated Dr. Grodnitzky’s presentation to our team yesterday! Eve did fantastic job of tailoring her presentation style and the content of the presentation to meet the needs of our audience and really engaged the group in a thought-provoking discussion, leaving them with many ideas that they can turn into practices that will make a difference!
--Limited Brands
Eve was first class. Highly effective and engaging.
--Transport Accident Commission (Victoria, Australia)
Eve is an outstanding facilitator and coach – we really enjoyed the session!
--Verizon Communications
I found Eve informative and approachable throughout the course. I was impressed with her style; she comes across as passionate and intelligent and has inspired me to be brave and ensure that my own communication is more effective.
--Royal Bank of Scotland
Eve is a great facilitator. She reads her audience well, adjusts appropriately and has a great ability to break down complex problems into understandable portions. Funny, witty, smart and engaging!
Outstanding, engaging presenter. Credible with relevant examples. I was impressed with the clutch/brake/etc. analogy. Either she’s a rider or did her homework. Nice job!
Kept the learning real. Had molded the course around the Ingersoll Rand leadership model. At times I thought she was an Ingersoll Rand employee.
--Ingersoll Rand
One of the best development sessions I've ever experienced. Eve really understands the psychology of participants, and she has the ability to bring all the participants together and keep everyone engaged at all times.
--Expedia (India)
Eve has a very friendly and effective style of teaching. She creates a truly inclusive environment that facilitates real learning.